I’m Sue

I am a digital designer based in the greater Seattle area. My passion is helping businesses, large or small with their online presence. I enjoy creating for both print and web mediums.

What can I do?

Design What You Want

I like to keep it simple. My goals are to focus on making your ideas become a reality by conveying your message that will drive the results you need for success.

Develop What You Need

I have the tools to create your ideas, whether it be your logo, website, or content, accessible to all devices using the latest technology available.


I earned my Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications from the University of Washington in Tacoma, Associates of Arts in Multimedia Studies, and attained certification in Social Media Marketing. I offer years of experience in the digital world and have worked for a few fortune 500 companies. 

My Story

I have always had a passion for graphic arts. Growing up with a Mom who was an Interior Designer, our house was filled with art books. On rainy days I spent hours pouring through the books. I became fascinated with the different lettering and artistic styles throughout history.

When the ’90s rolled around, art was evolving to the internet. I began my multimedia education in both paper and digital mediums. Since earning my education in Multimedia and Communications, I have worked for companies creating and editing graphics. I have produced and maintained web content for Fortune 500 companies. Today I have a passion for helping clients, big or small, for achieving their design and content goals.

Let’s Work Together!

I am a loyal and hardworking individual.  I am a self-starter and loves to contribute in a team setting. I thrive in a fast pace environment. My unique talents are executing on a plan and managing chaos with a genuine smile on my face. It is essential to have a positive attitude and sense of humor.  Life is too short to be otherwise!

Sue Giske

Tinkers in graphic and web design, Social Media dabbler, UX believer, Love Life Family Friends Beach & Universe! #DigitalMarketing