RKC Email White Paper

Case Study

Situation:  Randi K Collection, a local home decor e-commerce business, who wanted a way to connect and engage with her customers regularly.

Task:  Create a  white paper document details reasons why email marketing is here to stay. Randi K Collection needed a way to communicate its brand and value to new and existing customers.  

Action:  Researched details the power of email marketing for e-commerce and small businesses. A white paper document was created to articulate reasons why email marketing is a staple in digital marketing. 

Results: Based on the findings in the email marketing white paper, Randi K. Collection now uses email campaigns to share blogs, new products, and sale details, bringing customer engagement up by 65%. 

Branding Style Guide

Case Study

Situation:  Salish Cancer Center needed to figure out  a way to socialize company standards in a variety of formats; visually, colors, proper logo usage, tone of voice, mission and vision statements.  

Task:  Salish Cancer Center needed a document to communicate company’s visual and verbal identity within the company.  The document needed to be widely available on the company’s internal document library for anyone to use  as a reference

Action:  After several discovery sessions, stakeholder interviews and content audits, a brand style guide was starting to take shape.  Once a rough draft was completed, a research of the local competitors gave provided more insight of how to shape the style guide. 

Results: Salish Cancer Center now offers a complete Brand Style Guide that is housed on their internet for everyone who needs to reference. Now the clinic’s branding message will be consistent on both online and offline channels.